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Reading · Niccolo

Hello - another Dunnett fan joining

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Hi everyone, I found out about this community on bop_radar's LJ, and have come along to join in.  I'm a long time Dunnett fan - I first read Niccolo Rising about 15 years ago and have been meaning to re-read the Niccolo series for a long time, so hopefully joining here will kick-start me into finally doing it.  After book 4 I had to wait to read the next one until it was published, so I've never read them all in one sequence.
I also have a copy of the Dorothy Dunnett Companion which explains historical references and translates some of the quotations used in her books - it covers the first 5 Niccolo books, so if some reference is confusing you I'm happy to look it up and see if it's answered in the Companion.
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On June 13th, 2007 10:43 pm (UTC), suffolkgirl replied:
Thanks for the welcome! I'll certainly join in the discussions, I have got book 1 off my shelf to re-read.

The main problem with reading them as they were being published was trying to remember who everyone was and what had happened in the previous volume as it was a year or so between books. I'm sure I missed things as a result which is why I've been meaning to read them all in a row.

Did you know they've published a second DD Companion?

No, I didn't know that - must put it on my Amazon wish list...yes, I wouldn't look at the Companions while still reading the books - researching almost anything about the historical background can be a spoiler.
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On June 14th, 2007 03:04 am (UTC), bop_radar replied:
I've got it! So yeah, if anyone wants anything looked up, I can do so. *g* They are both really cool--so much in them that I want to dig out when I have time. Gah! Why can't I spend my whole life reading Dunnett?! ;-p

YAY that you've joined! \o/
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On June 14th, 2007 07:28 pm (UTC), suffolkgirl replied:
Well I got out Niccolo Rising last night and read the first few chapters, so thanks for getting me started. I'm enjoying reading it again, and finding it much easier going than when I was 15, LOL.

In your other comment you mentioned setting up a thread for a separate re-read discussion, I'd definitely like to do that. You do see different things the second time round.
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On June 15th, 2007 11:29 am (UTC), bop_radar replied:
finding it much easier going than when I was 15, LOL.
You don't say! ;-) I'm impressed you read it at 15. I was a precocious reader as well, but found them dense even in my early 20s. Well I think they are dense at any age, really. *g* But I do wonder what they're like read at different ages. I know I really hooked in to certain themes and characters because of things I was going through when I read them.

You've read the whole series, right? If so, I've made this post to give us a place to chat without spoiling others. *g*
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