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Reading Niccolo

Dorothy Dunnett's House of Niccolo

House of Niccolo
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This is a community for discussing the eight books in Dorothy Dunnett's House of Niccolo series (shown below): Niccolo Rising, The Spring of the Ram, Race of Scorpions, Scales of Gold, The Unicorn Hunt, To Lie with Lions, Caprice and Rondo, Gemini.

Membership is open to all but we ask that you abide by the following community guidelines:
- Please mark ALL spoilers clearly, as the series involves a lot of plot twists and many members will be reading for the first time. If in doubt, err on the side of caution regarding spoilers.
- Please keep discussions polite and do not attack other members personally (even if they disagree with you).
- Posting is permitted by all members, as long as it relates to the House of Niccolo series: feel free to post discussion threads (clearly labelled), relevant articles, research notes, etc.

The official Dorothy Dunnett website is: http://www.dorothydunnett.co.uk
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